How I can help

Here are some of the ways that I can help you:

Local authorities

I can assist you in developing the vision for your area through the preparation or updating of your Local Plan.  I can also assist in negotiating complex large scale developments, and provide ongoing design review of major projects. Creative interaction with local communities through the preparation of Neighbourhood Plans is becoming ever more important, and I can provide independent facilitation for community workshops and public meetings. Read more »


The Localism Act has given local communities radical new powers to take a lead role in planning the future of their neighbourhoods. I am able to provide expert advice on how you can navigate the new planning system, and can work alongside you to help develop your vision and make it a reality. Read more »

Architects and masterplanning teams

I can help your team develop the vision for a large scale or complex new development, particularly in the early stages of scheme development. I bring wide experience of working with architects and masterplanners from a local authority's perspective and can help to establish good communications with the local planning authority, as well as facilitating positive interaction with local communities at community planning workshops and public events. Read more »


There is a continuing need for high quality research into the dynamics of new communities and the impact of change and growth. There is also a continuing need for well focussed and relevant Continuing Professional Development programmes to inform and inspire all those involved in the development process. I can bring practical experience to your research projects and CPD programmes. Read more »